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Follow JapanTravel's ramen ambassador, Tom Roseveare, on his Japan ramen tour in a quest to find Japan's best ramen.

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Hasegawa Ramen (はせ川 松山店) up in Fukushima's Kitakata region is one of the more popular ramen shops in the area, serving up local Kitakata style ramen in a variety of bowls.
Visit Bannai Shokudou (坂内食堂), one of Kitakata's most well-known ramen shops in Fukushima's Kitakata city.
Menba Hamatora (麺場浜虎) serves up several varieties of ramen at this hidden gem of a ramen shop just north of Yokohama station.
Soranoiro (ソラノイロ) specialises in healthy, vegetable-based ramen.
Aoi (麺や蒼) ramen is one of the top ranked shops in the ramen battleground of Ibaraki's Tsukuba.
Nagi specialises in niboshi, or dried sardine, ramen, operating out of Shinjuku's Golden Gai district.
Gyorai (本枯中華そば 魚雷) is a unique ramen shop in Tokyo's Bunkyo ward that sets itself apart from most others – using coffee siphons
In the sleepy seaside town of Yugawara, famous for its hot springs and idyllic coastal views, Iida Shouten (らぁ麺屋飯田商店) gives the town a new claim to fame – quality ramen.