Halal in Japan

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It's easier than ever for Muslim travelers in Japan, with a boom in tourism in recent years helping pave the way for growth in both halal food availability and more Muslim-friendly services. Here we outline some of Japan's most halal-friendly restaurants.

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CREO-Ru Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki

For those who are interested to taste Osaka's most popular street food in one place, please consider CREO-Ru. What’s more, its takoyaki is halal, which is good news for Moslem travellers.

Halal Foods and Activities in Kansai

Mabruk offers halal lunch boxes, luggage storage, short bicycle tours, and a selection of local souvenirs at Rinku Town Station, one stop from Kansai International Airport. Muslim visitors to Japan can now enjoy an authentic bento box. Why not store your luggage and enjoy a short cycling tour around the Izumisano area to enjoy your lunch open-air.