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On Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels 10 months ago
I just found out that they are changing the way they do their tickets this year. If you plan on visiting the Kawachi Wisteria Garden from 23April-08May,...
On Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels 10 months ago
I have gone twice now and it is definitely becoming more and more popular. When I went last year, I arrived at 0845 and the parking lot was...
On Jyaken Nou Okonomiyaki 10 months ago
Being from a town that is pretty much next to Hiroshima, I am a huge fan of Hiroshima style okonomiyaki! What caught my attention though, was...
On Plum Blossoms at Rurikoji Pagoda 11 months ago
So beautiful! Great photos Mandy!
On Sakura Illumination at Sumida Park 11 months ago
How beautiful! I can't wait to go here when I am in Tokyo next week!