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On Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels 2 years ago
I just found out that they are changing the way they do their tickets this year. If you plan on visiting the Kawachi Wisteria Garden from 23April-08May,...
On Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels 2 years ago
I have gone twice now and it is definitely becoming more and more popular. When I went last year, I arrived at 0845 and the parking lot was...
On Jyaken Nou Okonomiyaki 2 years ago
Being from a town that is pretty much next to Hiroshima, I am a huge fan of Hiroshima style okonomiyaki! What caught my attention though, was...
On Plum Blossoms at Rurikoji Pagoda 2 years ago
So beautiful! Great photos Mandy!
On Sakura Illumination at Sumida Park 2 years ago
How beautiful! I can't wait to go here when I am in Tokyo next week!