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Yokohama Scenes
Yokohama is a favorite place for leisure time
Yokohama is favorite place of leisure among Japanese people.
The Pink Sunset at Hayama-Isshiki
Get ready for a trip to the beach!
A trip to Hayama-Isshiki beach.
Korin-ji Temple in Odawara
A unique Buddhist temple with a garden of statues
In the historical castle town of Odawara in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture, Korin-ji is a peaceful, lushly green Buddhist temple with a population of interesting statues.
Yokosuka's Joenji Temple
Hidden gems in unlikely places
Experience the best of residential Yokosuka during early spring where you’re sure to find some pleasant surprises lurking in the most unexpected of places
Hakone Yosegi Zaiku Woodcraft
Tradition, Craft and Art in the mountains of Hakone
Learn more about Hakone Yosegi Zaiku, the wonderful traditional craft created in a small village in the Hakone mountains 200 years ago.
Odawara Castle and Samurai
A castle destroyed and reborn to house samurai spirits
Odawara Castle has a long history tied in to the samurai.
Suzuhiro Kamaboko in Odawara
Odawara's traditional food
A visit to the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village to make, eat, and experience a traditional Japanese culinary speciality.
Kamakura's Rokkoku Hiking Course
Great views from the above the city
Kamakura's Rokkoku Kensan Hiking course takes you through the backend of Kamakura whilst offering some fine hilltop views of the bay below.
Kamakura's Sannzagaike Forest Park
A breath of fresh air away from the crowds
For anyone feeling overwhelmed by Kamakura's countless temples and shrines, visit the peaceful forest park of Sannagaike for some rest and relaxation.
Menba Hamatora
Yokohama traditional food
Menba Hamatora (麺場浜虎) serves up several varieties of ramen at this hidden gem of a ramen shop just north of Yokohama station.
Found: 758 results