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Kanagawa's Shonan Monorail
An exciting ride between Ofuna Station & Enoshima
The Shonan Monorail is an exciting ride, taking you up and over mountains and valleys, from Ofuna Station to the sea.
Matsunaga Memorial Hall in Odawara
Stroll round a charming old residence
In the historical castle town of Odawara in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture, Matsunaga Memorial Hall is a well-preserved old Japanese residence, with displays of artworks and antiques.
Yokohama Sankeien Garden
History contained in a beautiful garden
Sankeien Garden is a place of beauty and history in Yokohama.
Menba Hamatora
Yokohama traditional food
Menba Hamatora (麺場浜虎) serves up several varieties of ramen at this hidden gem of a ramen shop just north of Yokohama station.
Yokohama Art Rink
Canvas for artists
Yokohama will house yet another outdoor ice skating rink at the iconic Red Brick Warehouse.
Iida Shouten Ramen
Hidden gem in the hot spring town of Yugawara
In the sleepy seaside town of Yugawara, famous for its hot springs and idyllic coastal views, Iida Shouten (らぁ麺屋飯田商店) gives the town a new claim to fame – quality ramen.
Kanazawa Bunko, A Samurai's Library
One of the two oldest samurai libraries near Kamakura
Kanazawa Bunko, one of the oldest libraries for samurai in Japan.
Yokohama Bayside Nightwalk
Magical illumination every night, 365 nights a year!
Walk through Yokohama Bayside area to see mesmerizing illuminations at night!
A Night Out at Red Brick Warehouse
Romantic dinner at a mysteriously illuminated warehouse
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse; a retro-looking, romantic building on Yokohama Bay.
Chrysanthemum Festival at Sankeien
Japan's national flower in different shapes and colors
Chrysanthemum Festival at Sankeien Garden in Yokohama will be held till November 23rd in 2016.
Found: 962 results