Explore Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
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Komadori Sanso on Mount Mitake
A friendly lodge on a beautiful Buddhist mountain
One of the atmospheric guest rooms
Komadori Sanso is a friendly, atmospheric and inexpensive mountain lodge on Mitake-san, a sacred Buddhist mountain and popular hiking spot west of Tokyo

Staying in Suburban Tokyo
An alternative to living in the heart of the city
Quiet suburban street
Staying in suburban Tokyo is a more peaceful and less expensive alternative to staying in the heart of the busy city.

Ekoin Temple, Mount Koya
A beautiful temple to stay at on Mount Koya in Wakayama
Guess what everything is
Ekoin Temple is a Buddhist temple on Mount Koya in Wakayama which offers overnight accommodation surrounded by tradition and nature.

Kagetsu Ryokan Nishi Maizuru
Dance under the moonlight
Spacious guest rooms decorated in traditional Japanese style at Kagetsu Ryokan hotel about 30 minutes from Maizuru Cruise Ship Terminal
At this ryokan, you can choose to have one or two meals included in the tariff. I would definitely recommend at least having breakfast here, especially as the concept of a breakfast cafe culture still quite embryonic in this sleepy town.

Backpacker's Hostel K's House Tokyo
A friendly, central, fun and inexpensive place to stay
The roof terrace
K's House Tokyo is an inexpensive, centrally located backpackers' hostel, convenient for shops, sights and transportation, with friendly English-speaking staff and good facilities.

Piece Hostel Kyoto
Minimalist Chic & International Vibe near Kyoto Station
The friendly staff are here to help at Piece Hostel Kyoto just 10 mins walk from Kyoto Station
This hostel does not feel like a traditional Kyoto Merchant house. There are no macha green noren curtains or the smell of a fresh tatami mat, characteristics that are more in abundance at Roujiya or even some of the rooms at Hana Hostel. Instead it has a glampacking hostel feel, with minimalist black and white lights and concrete walls like a contemporary art gallery, a bit like Khaosan Hostel meets the Hotel Anteroom just down the road in Kujo. On the other hand, if you are prepared to spend a bit more for a private luxury room, but keep the contemporary art feel, check in at the Hotel Kanra near Gojo Station.

Hotel Matsuya SenSen in Awara Onsen
Enjoy the Hokuriku's largest hot-spring bath in Fukui!
The stairs overlooking the lobby area
Hotel Matsuya SenSen in Awara Hotspring in Fukui has the largest onsen bath in the Hokuriku region and provides five-star, top-quality service and smiles.

Oakhouse in Higashi Koganei
A very tight and friendly community at this Share House
On nightly basis, the kitchen/dining space will be filled with people chatting, eating and just chilling out together. Great way to meet new people and make some friends! 
A very nice and comfortable share house with a tight and friendly community. 

Seikiro Ryokan Museum Hotel
Poets and writers at Amanohashidate
Seikiro Ryokan has kept its historic charm since opening in the late 1600s.
Seikiro Ryokan was founded at the end of the Seventeenth century and has been in the same family ever since. The owner personally welcomes each guest, and you may have an opportunity to go on a tour of the ryokan and museum. There is a painting of Amanohashidate from a few centuries ago, showing the sand spit that is half the length of today. To stay in the same ryokan that has remained constant while even nature itself has changed is a unique experience. You may even stay in the same room as some of the poets and writers from the early twentieth century, such as Hekigoto Kawahigashi, Ujo Noguchi, Kan Kikuchi and Eiji Yoshikawa.

Ideal Accommodation in Tokyo
Oakhouse Higako Sports: A home away from home
Cosy environment at the lounge
The Oakhouse Higako Sports offers affordable accommodation for travellers who are looking to stay in Tokyo for a month or more. Enjoy tourist perks while living like a local.  

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