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Hotel MyStays Maihama
A perfect accommodation next door to the Disney Resort
Stay at Hotel MyStays Maihama just next door to the Disney Resort and with perfect access to Tokyo and Narita Airport.

Hotel MyStays Ueno-Iriyaguchi
A perfectly located accommodation in downtown Tokyo
With Hotel MyStays Ueno-Iriyaguchi you have the perfect accommodation for downtown Tokyo with cozy rooms and friendly staff.

Hotel Kuretake Inn ACT Hamamatsu
A great value business hotel near the station
In central Hamamatsu in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Hotel Kuretake Inn ACT is a comfortable, very good value business hotel.

Shikoku's Hotel Kazurabashi
Experience the best of Japan in Tokushima's Iya Valley
Shikoku's Hotel Kazurabashi, in Tokushima's Iya Valley, is an excellent way to experience the best of Japan - with amazing hot spring baths, meals filled with delicious local delicacies, and top-notch service. 

Hotel Wellness Suzukaji
Relaxing mountain getaway in Komono, Mie
A Relaxing Getaway at Hotel Wellness Suzukaji

Hotel Wellness Yamatoji
A ryokan great for groups
A place to relax, with adventure on the side.

Hotel MyStays Otemae in Osaka
A perfect place for accommodation in Osaka
Hotel MyStays Otemae is a perfect place for accommodation in Osaka, with subway access to Namba. It has good service, including English speaking staff and WiFi, as well as a good location

Cliho Shimoakatsuka Shared House
Perfect for long-term stay in Tokyo
It is very difficult for foreigners to rent an apartment in Japan, mostly due to language barrier and lack of guarantor. The rental procedure is quite complex, and you are required to pay a range of fees such as key money, agent fee, a deposit and first month's rental. However, with CLIHO Shared House you can rent your own private room in a Japanese house setting and environment very easily.

Tokyu Harvest Kyoto Takagamine
Gorgeous hotel nestled in a historical Shozan Resort
Tokyu Harvest Club Kyoto Takagamine & VIALA: Newly opened gorgeous hotel inside the historical Shozan Resort Kyoto.

Nagasaki International Hotel
A Spanish-style resort hotel near Nagasaki airport
Nagasaki International Hotel is located 8 minutes away from Nagasaki Airport by a free shuttle bus provided by the hotel, and only a 5-minute drive from Omura Station. It's a luxurious Spanish-style resort with competitive prices and a great way to spend your free time.