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Asakusa Riverside Capsule Hotel
A cheap, convenient, central place to stay in Tokyo
In Asakusa in central Tokyo, Riverside Capsule Hotel is a very inexpensive place to stay, convenient for sights, shopping and transportation.

Tree House Camping in Tochigi
Make your childhood dreams come true in Nasu
Perfect for a romantic getaway, for families, or for large groups, this campsite has something for everyone! This remote location offers a refreshing retreat from city life and comes with warm welcoming hospitality from its owner.

CLIHO Freshroom Tokyo Guest House
Guests from around the world gathering under one roof
CLIHO Freshroom Tokyo Guest House is located in North Tokyo and is a two minutes walk from the nearest station, giving a fantastic access in all parts of the great city. Here the philosophy is to integrate foreigners from all over the world into Japanese life. This is done by making sure that guest houses are mixed, with people from all over the globe along with locals. This allows students to practice their Japanese and submerge themselves more into the culture. The guest house only has 24 rooms, small than other huge guest houses, which provides more intimacy and a change to really get to know everyone that you are staying with. It is clear that many friends are made here and there is a very warm and social vibe that surrounds the place. 

Hotel MyStays Nagoya-Sakae
A comfortable hotel in central Japan
Hotel MyStays Nagoya-Sakae is a hotel among busy streets, so you are never far away from the buzz of Nagoya. Upon entering reception you are greeted with a stylish presence, this style not only exists here but rises like steam into every room. The staff are friendly and helpful, speaking a good level of English and Chinese. The rooms are well designed and modern, with many things done to improving a guest's level of comfort. The bath is a particular stand out and is great for relaxing in after visiting the wonder attractions of Nagoya. In-room massages are also a talent of this hotel allowing guests to pamper themselves. 

Ryokan Ohnuma: Sayonara Stress
Experience Naruko hot spring culture in style
Onuma Ryokan in Naruko, Miyagi Prefecture offers guests relaxation, convenience, and professional service. Highlights include a 100 year history, 8 unique hot spring baths, delicious cuisine, and Wi-Fi service. Located a 5 minute walk from Naruko-gotenyu Station. 

Hotel MyStays Yokohama
A great location for exploring the seaside
Hotel MyStays Yokohama, a great location for exploring the seaside

Takamatsuya Japanese Inn Teshima
Open your eyes to a simpler life
Teshima, along with Naoshima and Inujima, are three of the more artistic islands on the Seto Inland Sea. This old style inn fronts what used to be the main street from the wharf to Ieura Village.

Hotel Nankaiso
Beautiful ocean views and seafood cuisine in Minamibōsō
Shirahama and the Minamibōsō area have much to offer visitors from afar but sea views and fresh seafood are the main draws and Nankaiso provides both in bucket loads.

Hotel MyStays Haneda in Tokyo
A great way to start your journey
Hotel MyStays Haneda in Tokyo is located very close to Haneda airport making it extremely convenient for those arriving late into the capital. It has great facilities, comfortable rooms and very friendly staff, making your stay one to remember and put you in a pleasant mood for the rest your trip.

Oakhouse Social Residence Sagamihara
Make friends from all over the world
Oakhouse Social Residence Sagamihara is a place with a real emphasis on community. Most of the guest are Japanese, but there are also many of others that come from all over the world.