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Ryugon Ryokan, Muikamachi
Vintage ryokan in the classic style
Ryugon Ryokan in Muikamachi is a stunning, old ryokan. The building is hundreds of years old and the owners have perfected the art of hospitality.

Hotel Mielparque Nagoya
Versatile hotel with convenient connection to the city
In Nagoya, Hotel Mielparque offers to visitors a charming property with a convenient connection to the heart of the city and its main attractions.

Hotel Wellness Asukaji
Tranquil weekend getaway by Nara Park
Hotel Wellness Asukaji is a typical Japanese BBB (Bed, Bath and Breakfast). This conveniently located hotel just off of Nara Park offers a tranquil, relaxing low key option for those headed to Nara for a weekend getaway.

Yamayuri Hotel, Dai Onsen
A place to relax
What a wonderful Japanese style inn in quaint Dai onsen, Iwate, Japan.

Hot Spring Experience in Dai Onsen
Over 1200 years of history
Pamper yourself in the hot springs of Dai onsen, Hanamaki.

Hotel Crown Palais Hamamatsu
A great hotel three minutes from the station
Located in Hamamatsu City, Hotel Crown Palais boasts Western and Japanese-style rooms, a large pool, a sauna, bar and range of restaurants.

Bathing with the Kappa
At Togatta Hot Spring's Sanjiro Ryokan
Enjoy a view of the majestic Zao mountain range while soaking in an outdoor hot spring said to have once be used by kappa.

Hotel Hokuriku Koganoi
A ryokan in Kaga city
A ryokan in Kaga City

Hotel Pearl City Hachinohe
A comfortable hotel located near Hon-Hachinohe Station
Stay in the comfortable Hotel Pearl City Hachinohe for cozy accommodation and easy access to the JR Hachinohe Line. Be sure to check out the Kabushima Shrine and Tanesashi Beach, but be sure not to look past the atmospheric immediate surroundings of the hotel.

Hotel Pearl City Sendai
Convenient, functional hotel in downtown Sendai
Convenient hotel in downtown Sendai.