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The Baths of the Nara Subaru Hotel
Enjoy bathing in the nature of the Totsukawa region
Subaru Hotel not only offers its customers the chance to experience the benefits of outdoor baths but also to enjoy beautiful rooms and eat delicious local specialties.

Temple Lodging at Hojo-in, Koyasan
A pure Zen experience
The monks don’t just have a strict schedule, but everything they do is so impeccably planned and performed. When we arrived, there were exactly two pairs of slippers waiting for us on the stairs at the entrance of the main building. Coincidence? Of course not. They know exactly who arrives at what time and they neatly arrange the slippers for you.

Takayu Onsen
Slip into the soft sulfuric springs this onsen town
Takayu Onsen: a hot spring getaway in beautiful Fukushima. 

Hagi Komachi
A seaside ryokan with excellent food
Relax in your seaside room or in the ocean front onsen and enjoy delicious local seafood at Hagi Komachi in northern Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Toba Hot Springs
Enjoy your trip in Toba with great, local onsen
Enjoy panaramic views of the ocean at Ise-shima from the outdoor hot springs of Ijika Daiichi Hotel Kagura

Kusatsu Hotel
Stay in comfort at this hot-spring resort hotel
In Japan's hot-spring and ski resort of Kusatsu, the Kusatsu Hotel is a charming, atmospheric Japanese hotel with traditional rooms and baths.

Homestay in an Asuka Minpaku House
Accommodation with culinary and cultural experiences
Enjoy the Asuka's inhabitants kindness and learn traditional Japanese recipes during a stay in a guest room.

Afternoon Tea at British Hills
A taste of Britain without leaving Japan
Leave Japan behind and explore British Hills, a surreal holiday resort in the heart of the Fukushima countryside. Enjoy afternoon tea, fish and chips, and stroll around an English country garden.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Luxurious rooms overlooking a traditional garden
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo provides top-class luxury in a traditional garden setting in northwestern Tokyo.

Hotel Ohruri, Kusatsu
A charming, fun, good value resort hotel
Hotel Ohruri is a charming hotel in Japan's leading hot-spring resort of Kusatsu, with affordable, comfortable rooms, good facilities and relaxing baths.