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Delightful, Traditional Onsen Hotel
Myoga-ya Onsen Hotel, Shiobara
Old fashioned, charming Onsen Hotel on the banks of the Hokigawa river in Shiobara onsen. It has been in the same family for 17 generations

Oakhouse Comfort Higashikoganei
Shared social long-term residence in Tokyo
One of 222 Oakhouses operating in Japan, Oakhouse Higashikoganei has an emphasis on sharing and exchange. Share house accommodation, guests have their own furnished private bedrooms, with shared bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and shower facilities.

Japan's Best of the Best Onsen
Taiyo no Sato: enjoy a private onsen at Cape Inubo
Taiyo no Sato: Bettei Umi to Mori was voted Japan's number one high end ryokan in 2014. Located just a couple of hours East of Tokyo along the most Eastern shores of Chiba prefecture, it offers delicious local seafood with private baths facing the Pacific Ocean.

Oakhouse Comfort Higako Sports
A share house in Tokyo with games, an onsen and more
Oakhouse Comfort Higako Sports offers long term lodging in Kogenai, Tokyo.

Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa
Relaxation and convenience in the heart of Kyoto
Enjoy an elegant and comfortable stay in the heart of Kyoto. 

the b akasaka
A comfortable hotel in central Tokyo
the b akasaka is a comfortable modern hotel, close to the sights, action and subway station in one of Tokyo's liveliest and most central districts.

Hotel Crown Palais, Aomori
Comfortable, top-quality accommodation in Aomori
Enjoy the excellent hospitality of the friendly staff at Hotel Crown Palais in Aomori, situated right in the heart of Aomori City. It’s the perfect place to stay to explore the beautiful bayside city.

Hotel Pearl City Morioka
Perfectly located lodgings in Morioka
Hotel Pearl City Morioka is perfectly situated right in the heart of the city. A short distance from Morioka Station, and right at the top of Morioka's main street, it is in the most convenient location you could ask for.

Irago Sea Park and Spa
Remote piece of beauty in Irago
At the very tip of the Irago peninsula, Irago Sea Park and Spa is a resort driven by beauty; In decor, surroundings and the services it provides.

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu
International hotel of beauty and convenience
A mere two minute walk away from Chiryu station, this hotel holds enough inside that it isn't just perfect for a day trip of a stay - but also events and weddings.