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Minakami Kogen Ski Resort is the ultimate winter get-away for anyone with an interest in snow-related activities. From skiing to snowmobiling, and even dog-sledding, there is something for everyone at this top quality location.
Nishi Kuro, at the foot of Tanagawadake, offers sanctuary from the heat with its cool clear water and deep caverns. 
Thrill seekers will adore the combo tour offered by Canyons Japan, which features both canyoning and rafting in the Tanigawa Range.
Autumn Outdoor Festival with discounted activities, fun for the kids, as well as some wilderness races for the more experienced.
Bungy jumping off Japan's only bridge bungy. 42 meters over the Tone River with a bungy cord around your ankles and the pressure is on for you to hurl yourself off.
Riding the rapids through the Gunma mountains on a whitewater rafting tour on the Tone River. First part of a full day of adventure activities in Minakami.
Canyoning in Minakami - jump, swim and slide your way down a river, tackling anything in your path. Cliffs, waterfalls and churning whitewater. The only way is down.