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Japan Travel takes you on a journey exploring the nation's wonderful and cute animal cafes.

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Neko Cafe Aikyatto based in Sendai offers a second cat cafe in Fukukshima city inside MAX Fukushima mall.
Are you in Kobe? Do you want to spend some time with some owls in a owl cafe? There is one such place on Kobe's Motomachi! Come check it out!
This rabbit cafe is a cute experience you will totally enjoy.
Harry Nezumi is a Hedgehog cafe in Roppongi
Temari no Uchi is a cat cafe with a cozy treehouse theme. Located just outside of Tokyo proper in Mushashino, this neko paradise is only a ten-minute walk from Kichijoji station.
MoCHA offers some of the most beautiful cat cafés in Tokyo. Clean and refreshing spaces filled with adorable cats.
Futuristic looking snake cafe near Harajuku Station