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Coron Cat Cafe, Saga

Tons of Feline Fun in Saga City

Due to the fact the housing is at a premium here in Japan, most people (myself including) are forced to live in small apartment style accommodation, which due to close living quarters often exclude pets from the lease.

Along with this less than spacious style of living, Japan is known for its long hours, high stress working environments where people work harder and harder everyday for the greater good of their colleagues and their company.

This whole set up is screaming out for a furry destressor. I cuddle with a furry, feline friend can let all the worries and troubles of the day slip away, and the emergence of cat cafes has become more and more popular in Japan over the last years.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a cat café tucked away in my own sleepy city of Saga. And seeing as my birthday was fast approaching, a furry birthday treat was in order.

Open 12:00pm - 8:00pm and about 20 minutes walk away from the south side of the station, on the 2nd floor of a building near S platz, lies Coron Cat Café: Saga’s very own fluffy paradise. Taking off your shoes before you enter, one of the friendly staff will welcome you before sitting you down, spraying your hands with disinfectant and explaining to you a little about the cats and of course the rules, most of which are common sense, don’t pick up a sleeping cat, be gentle with our furry friends.

There are several price options for you to enjoy.

30 mins = ¥600

60 mins = ¥700 + an order of something

60 mins + a drink and a cake = ¥1350

120 mins = ¥900 + an order of something

Once you have chosen how long you wish to spend at the café then you are free to roam about and stroke, cuddle and play with all the cats and kittens available (around 8). All the cats at Coron Cat Café have been saved from abandonment and are constantly looking to be rehomed. However, we were informed that while it can be easy for younger kittens to find new homes the older residents find it a little harder to acquire the love they deserve.

So if you are looking for some cute, kitty charm come to Coron.

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