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Gen-Emon Kiln in Arita

Gen-Emon Kiln in Arita

Tony Mariani

Gen-Emon kiln is one of the oldest kilns in Japan that traces its origins back to the establishment of making porcelain in Japan..

Arita and Imari Porcelain

Arita and Imari Porcelain

Neal Dang

Learn about Arita and Imari porcelain, Japan's oldest and richest porcelain tradition. Visit Izumiyama Quarry and famous kilns..

Saga 6
Galaxy Glaze Showroom 7

Galaxy Glaze Showroom

Kim B

Arita is a hub for pottery, and if you're after some unique pieces the Galaxy Glaze Showroom is a must visit. The pieces are..

Saga 3
China on the Park

China on the Park

Mandy Bartok

China on the Park is a large complex run by the Fukagawa Seiji company that showcases fine porcelain in its gallery while welcoming..

Saga 2