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Arita and Imari Porcelain

Arita and Imari Porcelain

Neal Dang

Learn about Arita and Imari porcelain, Japan's oldest and richest porcelain tradition. Visit Izumiyama Quarry and famous kilns..

Saga 6
Gen-Emon Kiln in Arita

Gen-Emon Kiln in Arita

Tony Mariani

Gen-Emon kiln is one of the oldest kilns in Japan that traces its origins back to the establishment of making porcelain in Japan..

Galaxy Glaze Showroom 7

Galaxy Glaze Showroom


Arita is a hub for pottery, and if you're after some unique pieces the Galaxy Glaze Showroom is a must visit. The pieces are..

Saga 3
China on the Park

China on the Park

Mandy Bartok

China on the Park is a large complex run by the Fukagawa Seiji company that showcases fine porcelain in its gallery while welcoming..

Saga 2