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Akita Mountain Honey

Akita Mountain Honey

Janessa Landry

Finding homemade honey can be hard in Japan but in Akita there is a store that harvests and makes their own honey, using ingredients from all over the

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LaLaport Toyosu

LaLaport Toyosu

Naomi Isaka

The children are able to earn Kidzania currency after performing their... jobs, and the currency can be saved for a future visit, or spent at the

Goshono's Aeon

Goshono's Aeon

Justin Velgus

There are also ATMs on site that accept international bank cards, though... keep in mind ATMs in Japan shut early (around 7pm) for the evening.

Konbinis Redefine Convenience

Konbinis Redefine Convenience

Sherilyn Siy

Thanks to the ATM at convenience stores, you can withdraw cash anytime.... yen with your international cash, credit or debit cards at Seven Eleven ATMs

M Pocket 12

M Pocket

Chris Barnes

I saved quite a bit of money shopping at M Pocket over the past couple

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