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On Kasen Sake Brewery 4 months ago
I hope you will have a nice weather in Shimane. If you come to Tsuwano, you might also want to check out Furuhashi Sake Brewery too:
On Waterfalls of Tsuwano 5 months ago
Dear Terrie,
I wrote an article about the hidden Christians that you mentioned, it can be found at:
On Waterfalls of Tsuwano 8 months ago
Dear Terrie,
Yes, Tsuwano has a dark history related to Kakure Kirishitan (hidden Christians), whom were brought from Nagasaki to Tsuwano, by...
On Waterfalls of Tsuwano 8 months ago
Dear Relinda,
I heard stories that one of the waterfalls is the place of a purification ritual, performed by locals. I am searching for anyone...