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Former Hatagasako Hospital

The Hatagasako former hospital was the second of its kind to be established in Shimane Prefecture which was quite modern at that time. The old building and medical tools remain from the late 19th and early 20th century. There is also a community space with a restaurant run by locals, using locally produced vegetables.

Making Washi Paper at Saranoki

Washi papermaking was an important industry of the Tsuwano domain, and visitors can get a hands-on experience with washi postcard making in the center of Tsuwano at Saranoki.

Kasen Sake Brewery

Kasen is the oldest sake brewery in Tsuwano, that still produces sake (rice fermented drink) by using traditional methods.

Hori Mansion and Garden

Hori Mansion and Garden is the lavish home of a wealthy family, with a guesthouse for high-society business men and politicians. The Japanese garden with the ponds and waterfalls is especially beautiful during the change of the colors in autumn

Tsuwano Castle Ruins

Tsuwano Castle ruins sit on top of a mountain, surrounded with the castle town of Tsuwano and the winding river. While only stone foundations remain, the view is beautiful, with the morning mist covering the valley in late autumn.

Tsuwano Japan Heritage Center

Tsuwano Hyakkeizu, 100 drawings about the traditions and famous sights of the Tsuwano Domain from 150 years ago. Half of these scenes can still be seen in modern Tsuwano. A friendly English speaking ​concierge is available, who can guide you through the history of this castle town.

Heron Dance

The Heron dance is a longstanding tradition in Tsuwano, protecting people from illnesses since about 400 years ago. The white feathers represent the cleanness and pureness, while two men in red wigs fend off demons.


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