Arita Cafe & Gallery 'Saredo'

Local pottery, tasty food & more in Saga Prefecture

By Sandra Isaka   Jan 1, 2016

Getou-an Saredo is a lovely cafe/gallery on Route 281, close to Kami Arita Station. The shop contains a great selection of local pottery, lacquerware, packaged foods, and other handmade products. In the cafe, customers can choose from curry & rice, fried rice with soup, pasta in a shoyu-based sauce, or french toast with fruit - for lunch or as a dessert. They also offer a selection of juices, coffee, cocoa, etc. The staff is very friendly and some English is spoken.

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Kim B a week ago
I'm headed to Arita in October and this place (and the whole street!) looks charming! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures - it has me feeling even more excited about exploring the area on my visit.
Kim B yesterday
Will do!! :)
Mandy Bartok 2 years ago
Oh, I know that place! Right across from the Arita-kan, right? They have such beautiful pottery in there but I never stopped for lunch. Looks delicious!
Sandra Isaka Photographer 2 years ago
Yes, it less than a minute's walk from the Arita-kan. As for the food, the curry was really tasty, but the french toast looked amazing!