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Pasta, Pizza and Salads in Saga

By Georgina Young    - 2 min read

While Saga has plenty of Japanese style restaurants for everyone to enjoy sometimes when you are living the expat lifestyle you want nothing more than to chow down on some good old home fashion style food, and that’s where the Italian Grazie Gardens can come in, with it’s Italian style food with it’s ever present Japanese twist (sweetcorn and spicey fish uterus mayo pizza anyone?)

Of course you can order of the A la Carte menu, they have a delicious range of pastas, pizzas, salads and risottos (as well as some rather perplexing cabbage and hotdog stew concoctions) that are enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

From classic tomato basil and mozzarella to the not so popular (and probably for good reason) squid and anchovy there is literally a pizza to suit anyone’s tastebuds. Though the A la Carte menu isn’t the reason why I, and many others, always return to Grazie Gardens.

It’s the tabehoudai or All you can eat option that keeps it’s customers coming back for more.

For ¥1100 you can have all you can eat pizza, a pasta/risotto/hamburger dish of your choice, a small salad plus free soft drink bar. For ¥1300 you can have all that plus a dessert such as an ice cream or for ¥1500 you can have all that the basic option offers plus a luxury desert such as chocolate fondue.

Personally, I’d rather gorge myself on more pizza than waste room in my stomach on sweet things so I normally go for set A. The menu is all pictures as well so it’s really easy for those inept at Japanese.

The pasta/risotto dish is as obligatory as it is delicious. I think this is because it’s cheaper than the pizza so they try and fill you up a bit before you eat 4 pizzas (definitely not me *cough*). You can also order half and half by saying “hanbun hanbun”.

The drink bar is all you can drink and includes various hot and cold drinks as well as ice. My favourite is definitely melon soda though.

So expats in Saga should expect a warm welcome from Grazie Gardens and plenty of good food.

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