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Japan is known for taking restaurants and cafes to an entirely different level, so here we introduce some of the coolest and craziest theme restaurants.

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Garden Sand Cafe

Hot off the launch of Mary and the Witch's Flower—one of 2017's biggest anime releases yet comes this theme cafe running for a limited time in Tokyo's Omotesando area.

Kanda Railway Club

Kanda Railway Cafe (神田鉄道倶楽部) opened in June 2017 at Tokyo's Kanda Station – providing a new railway-themed cafe sure to delight Japan train lovers.

Cafe La Boheme, Shinjuku-Gyoen

Cafe La Boheme is a parkside cafe and dining experience sure to have high nostalgic value to fans of the 2016 film "Kimi no Na wa" (Your Name).

The Lock-up

The Lock Up is a prison-themed restaurant that left me breathless, either for fear, or for accuracy in details. It was not easy to find, despite being in the bustling Shibuya in between neon lights and tourists. The entrance is underground and a bit hidden. At the entrance I found no one but a very dark corridor. After taking a deep breath I opened the door and entered. Crossing the hallway, in the dark, and alone almost caused a heart attack. While I was walking, hoping to meet someone in the hall, a loud noise scared me, and a light lit a screaming man on an electric chair. After the initial shock I walked the last few meters of the corridor and I came to another door. Here, a girl dressed as a cop , after checking my reservation, handcuffed me, and shouting something incomprehensible to me since I don't speak Japanese, accompanied me to my cell, exactly like a jailer for a prisoner. There are cells of different sizes, depending on the number of "prisoners".

8-Bit Cafe

Enter the 8-bit world in a video game themed café in Shinjuku and play Super Nintendo and more with other guests!