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Kengo Kuma is a renowned Japanese architect known for his minimalist designs and their innovative use of natural materials.

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In the glitzy neighbourhood of Omotesando just a few blocks east of the station, one particular street corner manages to induce a prominent gaze from passersby far better than the surrounding luxury stores that populate the area.
Located in front of Kaminari-mon Gate, the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is one of the biggest tourist information centers in Tokyo. It has a number of facilities, provides all kinds of information and the staff is unbelievably kind and friendly.
by Lee Tan
La Kagu is a lifestyle store featuring a cafe, a boutique and a lecture space.
Making use of 2,000 pieces of wood batons, the interior of Starbucks Dazaifu is literally cocooned by a weave of cedar wood. This amazingly beautiful Starbucks café was designed by none other than world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma.
At the Ginza kabuki theater, Kabukiza, fans of theatre and traditional Japanese culture can enjoy performances of kabuki at Japan's most famous theatre.
The Fujiya Ginzan is a modern architectural accomplishment in a centuries old ryokan, breathing new life into a traditionally luxurious Inn far away from everything.