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Journeys around Tohoku, discovering some of Japan's best sightseeing secrets.

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Join samurai champion, Yoshihiro Abe, in this interactive workshop, The Samurai Experience, in Yamagata city.
Meet 'Love', the cat stationmaster at Ashinomaki Onsen Station, in Fukushima's Aizu-wakamatsu region. Love took on the honorary role at this small, rural station on the Aizu Line at the turn of 2016, replacing his predecessor 'Bus'.
Shiogama Fish Market is an economic symbol of this small port city
Entsuin Temple is designated as an important national cultural asset, in Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture
Ouchi-juku is an Edo-Period post station located in Shimogo Town, Aizu County, Fukushima Prefecture.
Hiraizumi is a beautiful, rural town in southern Iwate and makes for a spectacular introduction to both Tohoku and historical Japan. As the first site in Tohoku to be awarded