Japanese clothing: the Kimono


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All you need to know to dress up like a Japanese: where to rent or buy a Kimono and traditional accessories.

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Renting a Kimono in Asakusa: My fun experience wearing traditional wear in Tokyo.
In Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture, a local beautician recently opened a fantastic shop of kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) and a ninja costume wearing & rental service.
Kimono Photo Studio 和(wa) in Tokyo offers dressing up in a luxurious kimono and photo shoot. Choose from various packages for in-studio photos or outdoors with iconic landmarks. A wonderful souvenir to cherish forever!
Experience Japanese culture at its best by trying on kimono, drinking tea, and joining events with like minded individuals. At Ichiru, located near Ningyocho station in Tokyo, customers are not only free to view the beauty of kimono, but also to experience kimono culture first-hand.
One of stores in Harajuku where you can find used-kimono complete with accessories at an affordable price.
Find your special treasure among loads of bargain kimono at the Nana no Ichi market in Uwa, Ehime. Second-hand kimono and accessories for sale every month on the seventh.
Matsuyama has several shops where visitors can try on kimono and yukata, and wear them all day for a reasonable fee. Why not try a little cosplay yourself?