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Japanese clothing: the Kimono

Rent a kimono at Yumeyakata (Photo: ...)

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All you need to know to dress up like a Japanese: where to rent or buy a Kimono and traditional accessories.

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Ichiru Kimono Shop in Nihonbashi

Ichiru Kimono Shop in Nihonbashi


Experience Japanese culture at its best by trying on kimono, drinking tea, and joining events with like minded individuals. At..

Ready, Set, Kimono!

Ready, Set, Kimono!

Ingrid Lezar

Find your special treasure among loads of bargain kimono at the Nana no Ichi market in Uwa, Ehime. Second-hand kimono and accessories..

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Kimono Experience

Kimono Experience


Matsuyama has several shops where visitors can try on kimono and yukata, and wear them all day for a reasonable fee. Why not try..

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