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Ichiru Kimono Shop in Nihonbashi

Kimono lessons, events, shopping and more in Tokyo

Ichiru kimono shop in Nihonbashi is here to help Japanese and foreigners alike explore the beauty and intricacies found in Japanese traditional clothing. Kimono culture is a part of Japan we are all familiar with, but there is much to unravel when discovering the intricacies of the uniquely Japanese apparel. At Ichiru customers are free to view the beauty of kimono and experience kimono culture first-hand.

As you enter Ichiru you are greeted with kimono displays and accessories everywhere you look, rotated regularly based on the seasons and holidays. When I arrived there were many Christmas and winter themed kimono on display. There is also a long window area where visitors may view the design, dyeing and creation of kimono by a master craftsman. Almost all kimono are mass produced these days so the process of kimono creation (white fabrics transformed into vibrant colors and designs) is something that you will likely only be able to experience through Ichiru.

The second floor of Ichiru often turns into event space hosting a range of activities. With basic kimono lessons, you can sign up to learn the meaning of kimono, how to wear kimono and experience kimono friendly group environment led by experienced kimono teachers. In addition to pure kimono classes, there are teachers specialized in sado (tea ceremony) who will teach you all about drinking and preparing tea. These classes are a place meet new people over tea and snacks and as everyone is dressed in kimono there are plenty of photo opportunities available.

If you are more interested in events, Ichiru also hosts and organizes regular kimono events and parties. The theme of these events is simply to gather like minded individuals and wear kimono together. There are events hosted at Ichiru itself (holiday events, drinking parties, etc) and events around various locations and restaurants in Tokyo. Sometimes the event is as simple as visiting a temple together, but when you are in kimono everything is a bit more interesting. Many of these events can be found on the company website, updated often. Most events are targeted for women, but men are welcome and there is a small selection of men's kimono. ​

Located within two minutes of Ningyocho station on the Hibiya or Asakusa lines, Ichiru is the perfect place to immerse yourself in kimono culture.

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