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Kimono & Ninja Cosplay/Rental Shop

Newly opened near Matsumoto Castle

In Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture, a local beautician recently opened a fantastic shop of kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) and a ninja costume wearing & rental service.

It is located close to the street toward the entrance of the Matsumoto Castle and you don’t need a reservation in advance if you are not from a large group.

So, why don’t you look inside? If you find your favorite costume among the various kinds, use the rental wear service, walk to the castle (just 5 min away) and take some perfect photos with the castle in the background.

The rental fees start at ¥3,500 for 2 hours. And, if you wear a kimono around town, you can take advantage of special discounts offered at times during the summer. One of these is the "Nakamachi Street Yukata Festival." During July 1 and 18, visitors wearing kimono or yukata can get special service in 29 restaurants, cafes, izakaya (Japanese pubs) and bars.

Another is free admission to Matsumoto Castle for visitors wearing kimono between August 6 and 16! Note: The upper stairs inside the castle tower are steep, making it difficult to climb to the top of the tower if you wear kimono.


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