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The heart of Osaka's bustling Namba district, Kansai Airport, great shopping and more are all accessible via the Nankai Line.
Trains are the main mode of transport here in Japan. They will take you from A to B via C and loop round to D if required. The systems in place to facilitate the public transport system take some getting used to, however they are worth it as everything is on time. Here are some of my tips to save your time and sanity.
I decided to write this article after a rather interesting relationship I formed with a coin locker over the space of an hour. We had some ups and downs and as we said our goodbyes we had both matured over the experience and learned a lot. Here are some pointers on the use of coin lockers.
Sometimes it's worth it to fork out a little more cash for some peace of mind. Travel Tips from my 3-day trip to Tokushima.
If you plan on exploring Japan, then purchasing a rail pass with JR East is a no-brainer. Easy to use and so convenient, your travels will be a dream!
Travelling in Shinkansen may seem expensive, but considering transport prices in Japan it is not so pricey. Especially when you buy a pass. Last week I was travelling to Akita Province and I got a JR East Pass for Tohoku area, to be able to visit other cities on the way too. It was a great choice. It is valid for 14 days since purchasing and you can use it for five chosen days during this period. JR East Pass is perfect if you want to travell in a quick and comfortable way.
The Willer Bus Pass VS JR Pass can help you decide which pass is best for your itinerary in Japan