Machu Picchu in the East

To the memory of the people once lived here

By Masayoshi Hirose   Dec 15, 2014

I visited the Tonaru district of Niihama City in Ehime Prefecture on 2nd November, 2014.

This district is considered to be the origin of Niihama City, and the Tonaru Cableway Base and Copper Warehouse here are definitely must-see sites. The Copper Warehouse was made of granite quarried in Shimanami Region, which is located between Ehime and Hiroshima Prefectures. This massive building is known as one of the landmarks of this historical site. The resemblance of its scenic beauty to 'Machu Picchu', a World Heritage Site once part of the Incan Empire (Peru), has earned this place the alias, 'Machu Picchu in the East'.

Industrial Heritage in the Sky
1. Besshi Copper Mine Site in Ehime
2. Machu Picchu in the East

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Translated by Takako Sakamoto

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Komal Khiani 3 years ago
This looks beautiful!!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 3 years ago
Komal-san,Thank you very much! It is a place with the history very much here,Not many people know about that.