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Kanagawa Adventure Highlights

Kanagawa is Tokyo's Southern neighboring prefecture, making it a popular day-trip destination for most city dwellers. However, its accessibility from Tokyo isn't the only reason for the immense number of tourists it welcomes year-round: the coastal region offers hundreds of unique activities that cater to all visitors' interests. From fresh seafood at lively ports and coastal towns, to temples with hundreds of years of history and bustling cities, Kanagawa has a host of experiences to offer.

Yokohama, Kawasaki

Kawasaki's deeply embedded traditions and history and Yokohama's bustling city life take visitors through a beautiful mix of traditional and modern Japanese culture.

Central Area

Offering both suburban charms and natural landscapes, Kanagawa's Central Area sees a multitude of beautiful areas clustered together.

Shonan Area

The Shonan Area is famous for viewing spots that offer ethereal views of some of Kanagawa's most beautiful mountains and coastal areas.

Yokosuka, Miura

Visitors to the Yokosuka and Miura area are guaranteed a respite from the hustle of the city in quiet forests and temples, and a chance to frolic in clear, sparkling waters at any of this area's numerous beaches.

Western Area

From Hakone's shimmering lakes and clear views of Mt. Fuji, to Odawara's hundreds of years of history, dive deep into some of Japan's most stunning natural landscapes and cultural sites in Kanagawa's Western Area.

Kanagawa Experiences

Planning a visit to Kanagawa? Explore more than 800 day-trip itineraries and informative guides on Kanagawa's official site.

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