Prepare yourself for something different and altogether more exciting on your next visit to Japan! From maid cafes to pachinko parlours, there are a lot of uniquely Japanese experiences that can be yours when visiting the dynamic city of Tokyo.

Souvenir-wise you are in good hands too – from Tokyu Hands and their incredible range of souvenirs to other unique, and sometimes crazy, Japanese gift items. Take a look at some of the places featured to learn more.

Maidreamin Maid Cafe in Akihabara is a unique and fun dining experience in Tokyo. The staff are cutely dressed as maids and are all very walm and welcoming, making it a popular spot amongst locals along with foreigners. Everyone can enjoy this cafe and girls will especially enjoy the adorably designed foods.  More
Though typically foreigners have found pachinko somewhat confusing, with MARUHAN pachinko in Shinjuku tourists can easily learn and enjoy playing pachinko More
Tokyu Hands is a "creative life store" selling a wide range of interesting goods and is a great choice for souvenir shopping. More

Japan is a country unlike no other – make the most of your time in Japan by visiting some of the unique places listed here!

Discover the secrets of Japanese beauty with Makanai's natural cosmetics and skincare range. More
Participate in all the different fun-filled activities offered in Akihabara at once with Adores 2 Akihabara More
Don Quijote, commonly abbreviated to Donki, is one of Japan's largest chain stores with over 270 locations throughout Japan. Don Quijote is famous for stocking a wide range of interesting and uniquely Japan products.  More