Wakayama: Japan's Spiritual Heartland
From the Kumano Sanzan route to the mountain temples of Koyasan
From the Kumano Sanzan route to the
the mountain temples of Koyasan

Koyasan & Kumano Kodo Japan’s Spiritual Heartland

From the sacred Kumano Sanzan route to
the mountain temples of Koyasan

Welcome to Wakayama

Wakayama Prefecture's sacred heartland stretches across the Kii peninsula in southern Kansai, connecting the old pilgrimage route of Kumano Kodo from the south to the spiritual mountain temple of Koyasan in the north. Recognised by UNESCO in 2004 for its 'Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range', Wakayama has much to offer visitors looking to get off the beaten path.

From a temple stay at Koyasan, to tracing the footsteps of past pilgrims along the Kumano Kodo trails, or cycling along Wakayama's southern coastline, explore some of Wakayama's highlights.

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Map of Wakayama

Getting around Wakayama

Access the Koyasan and Kumano areas of Wakayama via bus, plane, or train. Find an ideal route whether coming from Kyoto, Osaka or Nara, or explore domestic flight options from Tokyo.

The Beauty of Wakayama
A Cycling Tour & Cultural Experience

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