Beniya in Awara Onsen

An enjoyable Japanese-style traditional inn

By Shozo Fujii    - 1 min read

In Awara Onsen in Fukui prefecture, Beniya is a long-established inn that boasts 24 cozy rooms and attentive service. Nowadays, the Japanese spirit of hospitality, or "omotenashi", can feel worn out, or old-fashioned. However, here at Beniya you can experience omotenashi in the way it was intended to be experienced.

All across Japan, you can visit inns to experience hot springs, delicious banquets, and pleasant rooms. However, nowadays, not many of those inns can boast the same level of quality of their attention to detail and service when it comes to the spirit of hospitality. Because of that, this inn has a high rate of repeat guests. Each guest at the inn is valued and assigned an omotenashi specialist, who will look out for your needs time and again throughout your visits. You can have a marvelous time staying at Beniya.

Getting there

Beniya Inn is about a five minute walk from Awara-yunomachi station on the Echizen Railway.

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Illaura Rossiter

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Original by Shozo Fujii