Searching for Ryoma 1: Katsurahama

The Kochi beach Japan hero Ryoma Sakamoto grew up on

By Takako Sakamoto    - 2 min read

One of Japan's most famous and beloved heroes, Sakamoto Ryoma, was a leading revolutionary at the end of the Edo period who helped contribute to the reformation of feudal Japan. Without him, Japan as we know it now would be a very different place. As one of Ryoma's biggest fans, I've traveled to a few places to retrace his footsteps. Katsurahama (Katsurahama Beach) is one of the best-known tourist spots for Ryoma fans. It's located in Kochi prefecture, where he was born, and it's said he frequented the place to stare and wonder about what was out there beyond the immense ocean. I wonder what he saw... For access information please refer to my other article, Searching for Ryoma Sakamoto.

Sakamoto Ryoma Series
1. Katsurahama Beach  2. Kyoto Teradaya Inn  3. Mt. Kirishima  4. Ryoma's Tomb in Kyoto
5. Ryoma Memorial Park on Kamigoto Island   6. Sakamoto Ryoma and Yuri Kimimasa

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