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Snow at Tofukuji in Kyoto

Stark beauty so different from the colors of autumn


Three buildings designated as National Important Cultural Properties are undergoing renovations. The planned construction area will be off-limits from Mid-May 2023 to October 2025. The Kaisando Hall will still be open to visitors.

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This temple is probably most famous for its incredible maple valley in autumn, but when I visited in winter after a snowfall, I found a totally different ambience. It was almost empty of human life, but crows flapped overhead and cawed from the roof tiles. Snow blanketed the covered bridges at either end of the maple valley, and the trunks and branches of the bare trees contrasted starkly with the snow on the ground. Perhaps it was the crows, but it reminded me of the feeling I got reading Akutagawa's 'Rashomon' ... dark and vaguely gothic. I loved it!

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