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Kuju in February

Mountain scenes with a late winter palette

Visit Aso-Kuju National Park in central Kyushu once—anytime of year—and you’ve seen great beauty. But if you make the time to return again and again over a full year, you begin to know the character of this diverse region.

The Kuju mountains in the north side of the park combine with plateaus to offer scenic landscapes linked by the Yamanami Highway (Rt. 11). The namesake, Mt. Kuju, reaches 1787m (5,863 ft.) and is just shorter than Mt. Naka, the tallest peak on the Kyushu mainland at 1791m (5,876 ft.).

These images offer a glimpse of the area in late winter.

Name in Japanese
阿蘇くじゅう国立公園—aso kujū kokuritsu kōen—Aso-Kujū National Park