Okayama Prefecture

Home of Momotaro and the famous Koraku-en garden

 By Judith Mikami   Nov 30, 2011

Ranked 10th in Japan for historical sites, scenic spots and natural monuments.

Known as the land of sunshine – fine weather, mild climate, hardly any natural disasters, delicious food and natural beauty.

Okayama Prefecture is the gateway to West Japan.  It borders Hyogo, Tottori, and Hiroshima Prefectures. The Seto Ohashi Bridge which connects the main island of Honshu to the island of Shikoku is where you can crossover by train, bus, boat or car to enter Kagawa Prefecture.

Okayama has everything to offer from exciting activities like skiing, trekking, water sports, F1 motor sports and shopping to the relaxing side of life with onsens (natural hot springs), historical walks, museums and lots of nature to explore.

Okayama has played an important role in the historical and economic development of Japan.  You can visit the first public school in Japan (Shizutani School), the oldest western art museum (Ohara Museum).  The birthplace of the jeans textile industry (Kojima Town).  Okayama will offer you during your travels a chance to meet new friends, relax and experience the best food that this region and Japan has to offer 

Written by Judith Mikami
Japan Travel Member

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