Okinawa Prefecture

Tropical paradise and a unique culture

 By Ana Tomari   Nov 3, 2011

The beautiful tropical islands of Okinawa Prefecture lie to the south of the Japanese mainland. Originally called the Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa has it's own very unique culture.

This group of islands stretches southwards almost to Taiwan and is truly the jewel in Japan's crown. White sand beaches, clear blue waters and some of the world's top diving spots combine with an amazing culture that boasts the world's longest-living people.

A trip to Okinawa is a feast for the eyes, soul and stomach. With its rich historical heritage, artisan cultures and super-healthy cuisine, the home of karate offers a truly diverse travel experience, from luxurious resorts to B&Bs, the metropolis of Naha with its fantastic markets and pottery to the coral reefs and fine white sand beaches of Miyako Island, Ishigaki Island and many others, the Ryukyu Islands are sure to live on in your memories after you leave.

Written by Ana Tomari
Japan Travel Member

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