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Dotonbori at Night

Bright lights, tons of people, wonderful food in Osaka

Dōtonbori is one of the must-sees in Osaka. Located along the Dōtonbori canal in the Namba district of the city’s Chuo ward, it is filled with tons of food, shopping, and lights. Dōtonbori was formerly a theater district but is now known for its nightlife and entertainment with its illuminated signs. Some of the landmarks include a billboard for Glico Candy displaying an image of a runner crossing a finish line, or the Kani Doraku Crab with moving arms and eyestalks. Although the space is wonderful during the day, it is truly a sight at night with the flow of people and the illumination of the walkways. It is truly a place to see when in Osaka.

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Annisa Maghfirah 8 years ago
Must-see indeed!

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