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On Mo-an in Kyoto 3 years ago
Absolutely awesome little spot. I want to experience something like this in my lifetime. I would love to see the inside of the restaurant! But...
On Hyogo's Best Ramen: Nagomi 3 years ago
I need to experience real-deal ramen like this! Thank you for the suggestion. It's now on my list!
On Sano Premium Outlets® – Shopper's Paradise in Japan 3 years ago
I may be wanting to stay away from American stores when I get to Japan. However, this is definitely a place I'd like to make it to for the prices!...
On Forest of Eternal Romance in Fukui 3 years ago
I love aerial shots like the ones you created here! Beautiful job and nice choice of music! I would truly enjoy staying here by the look of...
On Illuminara 3 years ago
This looks like such a magical place. I enjoyed your use of music! It added to the sense of space along with the crickets. Just enjoyable.