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On Tazawako Youth Hostel 4 years ago
Another place to add to my list of potential places to stay~
How much was the room for the evening? Was the room shared, or is that a private...
On Tokyo's Tuna Overkill Lunch Deal 4 years ago
Thanks for this article - had nearly forgotten this exists and was actually afraid it might've ended by now :D Are there any indications of...
On Miyakojima: A Diver's Paradise 4 years ago
Do you happen to remember roughly how much gear rental, air refills, boat rental and/or chartering cost?
On Sony Flagship Store and Showroom 4 years ago
I wonder what'll happen to the computers section now that Sony's sold their VAIO brand.
On Traditional Shirakawa-go 4 years ago
Definitely going to make a point of getting to Shirakawa-go during my next visit to Japan