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On Tokyo Tower at Night-time 4 years ago
Lovely pictures. I think for many people, Tokyo Tower is a nice reminder of where they are.
On Hiroshima Fireworks Festival 4 years ago
You have some lovely shots here. I've never heard of Hiroshima's fireworks festival, only Miyajima's. Thanks for the tip!
On Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival 4 years ago
I hope to see the fireworks this summer, although I'm also a bit put off by the crowds. Some of the fireworks look incredible, so I think it...
On Takuhi Shrine 4 years ago
The area looks so lush and beautiful. I'd love to make it out there someday.
On Mitaki Temple 4 years ago
Mitaki Temple is one of my favorite places in Hiroshima. It is absolutely stunning - especially in autumn, as you stated. The waterfalls, many...