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On Kyoto Edible Art 6 years ago
I think that "Kyo-gashi" is very beautiful.
this is a beautiful confectionery with that you can enjoy by eye and taste.
I have great esteem...
On Kuroshio Honjin Onsen 6 years ago
I like hot springs very much.
I don't go still in Kuroshio Honjin Onsen.
I wish that I watch the sunset and sunrise from the bath.
I think...
On Anpanman Museum 6 years ago
I have known the Anpanman for a long time.I like it very much.
But I never been to go to the Anpanman Museum.
I think that I wish to go some...
On Sogenji Temple 6 years ago
I would also like to go to this temple. And I would like to see the beautiful scene. Since I am interested in Zazen,I would like to do.