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On Three Tides Tattoo 5 years ago
I have back piece from Mutsuo. Its worth the trip to the Osaka location. I found staff very friendly as well. Great pics!

I'm happy to see...
On Wifi-Hire's Convenient Pocket WiFi 5 years ago
Great article! Its great when traveling in groups. One device can support everyone you're with.

Love your carrying case!
On How to Get a Prepaid Phone 5 years ago
Great information!! I'm forwarding this to all my friends back in the states. I hate explaining everything to them and half the time I don't...
On Tokyo Ramen Street 5 years ago
Favorite spot to go while near the station. I always take my friends here while visiting. I highly recommend the "junk-food" ramen. Its worth...
On Arms Burger Restaurant 5 years ago
Looks delicious. I can't wait to bring my hound here. I've been to a few places that allow pets, but not many. Anybody know of other dog friendly...