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On Gifu Castle, Park and Ropeway 6 years ago
I was surprised as very great place in Gifu!
Probably,the scene which is in sight from the summit of a Gifu castle will be very good!
It is...
On The Home of Bizenyaki 6 years ago
I know about Bizenyaki from before.
The Bizenyaki is very good pottery!
I did not know at all by what kind of method it would be made.
On Seto Ohashi Bridge 6 years ago
Reading this story I understood the Seto Ohashi very much.
The Seto Ohashi is an important bridge which connects Honshu and Shikoku.
On Get Your Kicks on Route 28 6 years ago
This story was very interesting for me. I understood about Route 28.
However, I thought that I would like to know more about Route 28.