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On Kamaasa Shoten Co.,Ltd. Cutlery 4 years ago
Well, I think I'll give a look to that book of yours too! Thank you for your advice, by the way: my sister loves cooking too, I'll keep this...
On Hiking Mt. Karakuni 4 years ago
Nice tip! Thank you!
On August Beer Club 4 years ago
Hey there! That pizza looks good, and I'm Italian, so... ;) I really enjoyed your article: it's fun and useful! I only hope I'll be able to...
On Will Miss 'the b' so Badly 4 years ago
I can totally relate to your fears! I'm Italian and I've never been to Japan (yet), but even if it is one of my greatest dreams, well... I would...
On Want to See Kimono While in Kyoto? 4 years ago
OMG, it's so fascinating! I love these pictures... now I want a kimono, too!