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On Bizen Osafune Sword Museum 6 years ago
I do not know samurai and sword alot.
So,I am interested in this article.
Swords have many motifs,and motifs have reason.For example,the Tombo...
On Get Your Kicks on Route 28 6 years ago
This ariticle makes me excited.
I read this article,and imaged.about this cyding adventure.
If I go Route 28 by bicycle.
I feel the cool...
On Michi No Eki Kashimo 6 years ago
Michi no Eki inKashimo has many device.
Many other Michi no Eki are devicing too,but michi no Eki in Kashimo is a lively Michi no Eki.
On Kurashiki City - Honmachi Street 6 years ago
Kurashiki Honmachi is interesting area.I live in Hiroshima,so,Kurashiki is not far from here.But,I don`t have visited.I am from a deserted town.I...