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On Teahouse "Shouraitei" at Mihama-en 3 years ago
Only 500¥? What a steal for such beautiful confectionary and tea! While the tea is interesting itself, it'd be interesting to learn more ...
On Nishiyama Park's Moss Pink Mountain 3 years ago
Wow the colour of these is just fantastic! Lovely!
On Nara City 3 years ago
Thank you for sharing! Nara and it's famous deer! It's a fascinating history.
On The Sumo’s Apprentice 3 years ago
Those are some really great photos! I always wondered how people get into this line if work...is it often hereditary? Many interesting stories...
On Seedless Watermelon Farm in Joso 3 years ago
Did you get to try one? It looks great! I'm curious how he grows the second crop....I suppose that's in his book!