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On Nebuta Matsuri, Aomori 6 years ago
Nebuta is a fantastic event. I would go every year if I could.
On Kasai Rinkai Park - Tokyo Bay 6 years ago
So...any news on the escaped penguin? Still at-large?
On Kurokawa Onsen 6 years ago
Since I have not been to Kurokawa, I'm going to vote for a little isolated onsen in Aomori called Aoni as the best.
On Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki 6 years ago
Like a baby duckling imprinting the first creature it sees as 'Mother', Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki holds a position in my brain as the "real"...
On Mt.Fuji from Kawaguchiko Route 6 years ago
I love that first photo--dawn with the climber's silhouette!