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On Robot Restaurant 4 years ago
This is so cool! I saw this place from many traveling program but surely this is unique place to visit
On Purikura Mecca Game Las Vegas 4 years ago
Wow..what a flashback, I remember I went hang out with my friends in the weekend, and of course, one of the activities involved photo stickers...
On Beautiful Shoren-in Temple, Kyoto 2 4 years ago
I'll give you one word to sum up it all!, WOW!
On Want to See Kimono While in Kyoto? 4 years ago
It's so nice :) I would like to wear them too :)
On Today I am Geisha Sayuri 4 years ago
This is very useful for foreigners to find place to rent Kimono/Yukata in Kyoto. I saw a lot of my friends who went to Kyoto and renting full...