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On Anpanman Museum 6 years ago
I have visited 3 times to the Anpanman museum.
A child and an adult can enjoy this museum. I want much more people to know this museum. This...
On Okayama's Omotecho Arcade 6 years ago
I thought that a Omotecho Shopping Arcade was a place which seems to be very interesting.
I would like to do shopping very much in this Shopping...
On The Home of Bizenyaki 6 years ago
The zeal over Mr.Namba's Bizenyaki was felt. I am interested in Bizenyaki.
I would like to know about Bizenyaki in more detail, and visit the...
On Get Your Kicks on Route 28 6 years ago
I like the contryside. Because my feelings becomes quiet.
I didn't know that many good places were located in Okayama.
I am very interested...