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The Holy Rock Gotobiki Iwa, Shingu
A gigantic stone and incredible view at Kamikura-jinja
Holy Rock Gotobiki Iwa, Shingu, is huge and awesome!
Mt. Fuji and Kamakura in December
The best time of the year to capture perfection
Photographing Mt. Fuji from the beach in Kamakura in December: That perfect "got it!" moment 
Kamakura's Daibutsu: Early December
The most impressive statue in Japan
If you visit Kamakura (and you should!) be sure that you do not miss seeing the famous Daibutsu - or Great Buddha - statue
Mysterious Miyajima at Night
Seeing the island with fresh eyes - 4
Mysterious Miyajima at Night is truly beautiful. These photos were taken in late November.
Miyajima's Impressive Rakan Statues
Seeing the island with fresh eyes - 2
Miyajima: Daisho-in Temple's 500 Rakan Statues are deeply impressive
Noren - Beautiful Japanese Curtains
Traditional Japanese Beauty - 1
Most Japanese noren curtains you see are machine-made and tacky, but some are so beautiful they will take your breath away
Ancient Lotus Pond in Gyoda City
Enjoy a great summer treat in a wonderful little park
Kodaihasu-no-sato (Ancient Lotus Village) is located in a beautiful park in Gyoda, Saitama. Lotus season runs from mid-July to mid-August. Great cherry blossoms in spring!
Fox Temple of Akasaka in June - 2
More foxes, more beauty
Toyokawa Inari Temple near Akasakamitsuke is a temple I go back to again and again - it's fascinating because of many the fox statues there.
Chion-in Garden on a Rainy Day
Kyoto's Yūzen’en Garden in the early spring
Kyoto: Late afternoon in early May. The Yūzen’en Garden of Chion-in Temple just after the rain. Dark, wet and beautiful.
Myoshin-ji Temple & Complex - 4
Exotic beauty at Kin-gyu-in
At Kin-gyu-in, the outer gate was open. Nobody was there; the inner gate was closed. I turned back to leave when something caught my eye...
Found: 218 results