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On Kyoto Kinkaku-ji Temple 3 years ago
Thank you for the history! While visiting Kinkaku-ji Temple last May, I overheard a tour guide say that the islands in the pond were created...
On Zoshigaya Missionary House & Museum 3 years ago
Thanks for the article. I would like to read some of his books about his experience in Japan.
On St Agnes Anglican Cathedral Kyoto 3 years ago
Thank you Bonson. That is a beautifully worded article on Christianity's presence in Japan. I visited St. Mary's Episcopal Church, which is...
On Summer at Omihachiman Canal 3 years ago
Nice photos! I sure enjoyed walking along this canal in Omi-Hachiman this past May. There was a film crew making some movie scenes on the canal...
On Deer on Miyajima 3 years ago
Beautiful photo. I enjoyed the free-roaming deer in Nara as well!