Kiyomizu Temple in Early Spring 6

Kiyomizu Temple in Early Spring

A cold spring day at Kyoto's Kiyomizu-dera: the perfect place to relax and enjoy the spring weather while exploring this popular..

Hiking around Minoo Waterfall 6

Hiking around Minoo Waterfall

At the first signs of spring we set out on a hike to Minoo waterfall: beautiful scenery and monkey business guaranteed.

Nachi Falls, Wakayama 7

Nachi Falls, Wakayama

A school trip to Wakayama prefecture brought us to Nachi Falls. The 133 meter drop, and the fantastic views from the summit sh..

Wakayama 2
Kyoto Shorenin Temple 8

Kyoto Shorenin Temple

Don't let winter time, or the abundance of temples in Kyoto stop you from visiting Shorenin; even with entrance fee you will..

Kyoto 3
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