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On Bizen Osafune Sword Museum 6 years ago
Swords are very beautiful.
It is not just any weapon,its a kind of art.
"Osafunemono"is one of the most beautiful art.
In other words,swords...
On Seto Ohashi Bridge 6 years ago
I have acrossed the Seto Ohashi Bridge on my father's car.
Then,I was impressed with the beauty of the its view.
Besides,it plays an important...
On Get Your Kicks on Route 28 6 years ago
There are?a lot of wonderful points in Okayama.
Route28 has many of them.
And this article show you the best way to enjoy there.
On Yumeji Takehisa's Birthplace 6 years ago
The article is so wonderful. And Ithink Takehisa'slife is fantastic.
I want to look at Takehisa's pictures.
What a graceful arts!